National Minority Quality Forum Partners with Twitter to Reach, Strengthen Underserved Communities

Today, National Minority Quality Forum (NMQF) announced it is partnering with Twitter to help decrease health disparities and build sustainable healthy communities throughout the United States. As a part of this partnership, NMQF will work alongside Twitter to disseminate accurate, trusted information to vulnerable African American, Hispanic, Native American, Pacific Islander and Asian communities in an effort to combat misleading information. NMQF will use the platform to distribute culturally and linguistically appropriate materials, delivered on a community-level basis. 

“We could not think of a better partnership for reaching vulnerable communities,” said Dr. Gary Puckrein, President and CEO of the NMQF. “Twitter is committed to giving back through community involvement and social responsibility — and we are thrilled to use the positive power of its technology to strengthen minority communities.”

This partnership, which is a part of Twitter’s Twitter For Good program, will address three key areas: Internet safety and education, equality, and crisis and emergency response.

Since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic, we’ve been focused on making certain that reliable, authoritative health information is easily accessible on Twitter. Our Ads For Good grants and this work by National Minority Quality Forum are one way those are goals realized,” said Karl Robillard, Twitter’s Head of Philanthropy and Community Outreach. “We’re grateful for this partnership as we work together to ensure people — especially marginalized communities — have access to authoritative health information.”

The partnership will kick off with a series of campaigns designed to help individuals, healthcare providers, community leaders and key stakeholders raise awareness around the importance of COVID-19 education and vaccination as COVID-19 continues to disproportionately affect underserved communities.

The first campaign, a web series entitled “The COVID Diaries,” will launch on Twitter as NMQF uses the power of the social network’s Ads for Good Program to boost reach and awareness.




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