From the FDA’s Empty Seat to Chock-Full ICUs, Journalists Recap the Week’s Stories

KHN correspondent Rachana Pradhan discussed why President Joe Biden hasn’t yet nominated a permanent leader for the Food and Drug Administration on Newsy’s “Morning Rush” on Thursday.

Click here to hear Pradhan on “Morning Rush“Read Pradhan’s “Public Health Experts ‘Flabbergasted’ That Biden Still Hasn’t Picked an FDA Chief

KHN freelancer Nick Ehli discussed Montana’s overrun intensive care units on the Northern Broadcasting System’s “Voices of Montana” on Wednesday.

Click here to hear Ehli on “Voices of Montana“Read Ehli’s “At an Overrun ICU, ‘the Problem Is We Are Running Out of Hallways’

KHN chief Washington correspondent Julie Rovner discussed covid-19 vaccine booster shots on WAMU/NPR’s “1A” on Thursday. On Wednesday, she joined C-SPAN’s “Washington Journal” to discuss the reconciliation bill’s provisions related to Medicare prescription drug costs.

Click here to hear Rovner on “1AClick here to watch Rovner on “Washington Journal

California Healthline reporter and producer Heidi de Marco discussed how a group of disabled migrants is organizing for better health care on KCET’s “SoCal Update” Sept. 17.

Click here to hear de Marco on KCETRead de Marco’s “No Papers, No Care: Disabled Migrants Seek Help Through Lawsuit, Activism

KHN senior correspondent Sarah Jane Tribble discussed how Dr. Anthony Fauci and the National Institutes of Health got ahead of the FDA and Centers for Disease Control and Prevention on the need for covid vaccine boosters on CNN’s “New Day” Sept. 17.

Click here to watch Tribble on “New Day“Read Tribble’s “How Fauci and the NIH Got Ahead of the FDA and CDC in Backing Boosters

KHN Midwest correspondent Lauren Weber discussed public health legislation on Newsy on Sept. 17.

Click here to watch Weber on NewsyRead “Over Half of States Have Rolled Back Public Health Powers in Pandemic” by Weber and Anna Maria Barry-Jester.

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