Faith Leaders to Launch Greater Memphis Faith Health Alliance

On Wednesday, Dec. 15, the Greater Memphis Faith Health Alliance in partnership with the Faith Health Alliance, launched an initiative of National Minority Quality Forum’s Center for Sustainable Health Care and Equity.

Hosted by New Hope Missionary Baptist Church’s Pastor Hopkins, the luncheon event featured more than 15 faith leaders from Orange Mound, Tenn.

The faith leaders aim to discuss issues related to spreading good health this holiday season amid COVID-19 and the flu.The luncheon will be used to plan activities to support congregants’ understanding of flu and COVID vaccination and, moving into the future, other aspects of health equity, including chronic disease care, cancer screenings, and healthy living education and support.

Pastor Hopkins said, “I was so honored and privileged to partner and host a luncheon with a health care group who champion the cause of those who are disenfranchised and marginalized in our society. Particularly the Orange Mound Community, located in Memphis, TN, which is the oldest African American communities in the nation. With the assistance of Dr. Laura Lee Hall, Rev. Terris King, Bishop J.L. Carter and Dr. Bobby Baker, we were able to form, “Greater Memphis Faith Heath Alliance”‘ which gave us a platform to address many of the health disparities, the plagues of the Black or African American communities, such as influenza, commonly known as the flu.”

According to The Rev. Dr. Terris King and Bishop Dr. J. L. Carter, who are leading Faith Health Alliance, African Americans have suffered vaccine disparities, COVID-19 infection and death, and other health inequities – through less knowledge and access, social and economic barriers and discrimination and bias in the health system.

Pastors can play a pivotal role in closing these deadly gaps.

“The church is committed to spiritual and physical healing – we are spirit and body,” the Rev. Dr. Carter said.

The Rev. Dr. Terris King added; “The interrelatedness of health equity and faith is being renewed nationally by the Faith Health Alliance, organized first to fight COVID and the Flu in 10 cities through increased Immunization. Of all the forms of inequality, injustice in health care is the most shocking and inhuman. Prayerfully, this is a new beginning in addressing that.”

This program is supported by funding from the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. National Minority Quality Forum’s SHC vaccine initiatives also receive support from Sanofi Pasteur. For more information


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